Because of its architecture, Practice Engine is highly scalable.  Not only is it scalable, it is fast, and uses the capability of the database to achieve this performance.


Thus our smallest current client is a sole practitioner running on our hosted solution, and the largest is in excess of 2,000 users in an in-house 'hosted' environment.  The application underpinning both users is identical.



How Practice Engine Helps Me Technically 

Practice Engine™ will work for your business and as someone with technical responsibility, you'll be keen to know what you need to do to get it implemented.  This section will provide details on the technical requirements for Practice Engine, scalability information, the deployment process and some of our recommendations to make sure Practice Engine runs smoothly for your business.


Practice Engine can be installed into virtually any Windows environment, often utilizing existing hardware.  The details below summarize some typical client scenarios and the hardware we recommend.  These are general suggestions and we are always happy to provide a more tailored recommendation for any prospective clients.


End users 'consume' Practice Engine via a modern browser.  The system is device agnostic and no additional licenses are required for a user to run Practice Engine on multiple platforms: Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

In a hosted environment, you will not require any server at all.  Users will link to Practice Engine via a secure internet connection.  We provide the servers, which are appropriately specified for their loads, and are easily scaled as required.  All backup and maintenance routines are conducted by us and our partners. This is an ideal arrangement for all firms!

Where you wish to run Practice Engine on your own infrastructure, the requirements remain very simple. For those firms over 400 users, the main requirement in this scenario is for the SQL Server to have sufficient memory. In really large sites there may be benefits in deploying the Enterprise edition of SQL Server. The web page providing IIS systems are normally placed in farms of multiple servers, which allows for very large scale expansion.

Hardware Requirements

Hosted Servers

In-house Servers

In all environments, each firm will be using its own SQL Server database.  We do not have multiple firms within a single database, as this severely limits scalability.  As the firm grows and possibly begins to outgrow a server, it is a relatively simple process to either increase the power of the server by adding RAM and/or processors to the exiting server, or replacing the server and moving the database.

In small sites, the SQL Server and the IIS (web page provider) can be placed on the same server.  As the site grows, the IIS is normally placed on a separate server, and additional IIS's servers are added as required.


There is NO requirement for numerous terminal servers, as the application does not require them, however it will run quite happily in this expensive environment.


There is no simpler practice management system to deploy than Practice Engine!  The database is deployed to the database server and the application to the web server (which may be the same machine).  Once this is done, then any user who has access to the network can use Practice Engine (if authorized of course).


As there is no loading of the application on end user machines, the ability to upgrade the system, make minor changes is so much easier.  It also makes it much simpler to support, as we only have one point of interaction - the Server/s.



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